Episode #56 with @william_grazione is finally UP!⁣

William Grazione it’s a physique coach, IFPA & NGA Pro natural bodybuilder, and powerlifter with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science.⁣ ⁣
He is the CEO of Metabolic Evolution Inc. and his services include physique transformation, nutrition consulting, training consulting, programming for powerlifters, and lifestyle coaching. ⁣ ⁣
In this awesome episode, we discussed:⁣ ⁣
– The story behind Will Grazione⁣

– The 72-Hr Fasting Experiment ⁣

– The science behind DIET BREAKS ⁣

– Achieving compliance with you clients –> Are these strategies even helpful when you don’t get compliance⁣

Underreporting problems –> When you feel you are doing it all perfectly but fail to see the changes⁣

Hope you like this episode! ⁣