Hello Internet!

Well the day finally came. I have been wanting to open up a website and a blog for a while now. Why didn’t I? A thousand excuses not worth sharing. The exciting part is that I am here and I am here to stay.

Who am I? My name is Andres. I am the cartoon holding the apple.  I also happen to be a dietitian or nutritionist, a coach, trainer, pizza-eater, workout lover, clean freak, research junkie (AKA Nerd). In a previous job I had, we had to do an exercise in which your co-workers had to describe your personality as a car make and model. Guess what they described me as? A RED MUSTANG; which is hilarious because that is what I drive. They went on to describe the reasons why I was and this is what stuck in my head – Making a presence and creating an attractive impression, while not being one of the fanciest cars out there. So that is me!!

Why should you read my posts?

I bring fresh nutrition content with slight humor. I come up with topics I believe are worth writing about that will benefit your health and wellness. You see, we all have different passions and curiosities in life, and mine happens to be fitness, nutrition, and well-being. It has become a habit, a drug, a lifestyle, and a profession, an all-inclusive package that I am willing to share with the world to allow you to generate a new mindset into how you approach nutrition. I created Vive Nutrition in 2015 as a way to represent my philosophy, my heritage, and what I deeply believe in. I invite you to browse through my website to find out more.

What makes me special?

I am red mustang duh!!! I have a great sense of communication and articulation when it comes down to nutrition and fitness. I have never considered myself a salesman, but salespeople have personally told me I am great one by the way I sell nutrition as a lifestyle. I am fully bilingual (se habla español), and most importantly out of all things, I am a listener.

Nutrition these days!!

I tell people every day that nutrition is like politics. People tend to believe whatever they want to believe. We live in a society where fitness and nutrition are experiencing a dramatic boost. Perhaps related to the fact that if we don’t pay attention to it, we will all be diabetics by 2020. Embrace yourselves, chronic diseases are coming! (Yes I am a big fan of Games of Thrones). But it is the truth. They are coming, and we must act now to prevent them. How? Well I truly believe what you eat today will affect your health in twenty years. Not only do I believe that, but it has been proven by retrospective (looking back in time) research. I will write more in depth about these topics.

So I invite you to become a Vive Nutrition fan and join me in the journey to achieving whatever goal you may have.