Vive Nutrition


Welcome to Vive Nutrition Radio, the first of its kind bilingual (English and Spanish) podcast that bring a wealth of knowledge bombs in nutrition for performance, fitness, and health.


Hosted by Andres Ayesta, sports registered dietitian, owner and founder Vive Nutrition with a long trajectory of helping the most elite athletes in the world including but not limited to NFL first-round picks to MLB All-Star players in their quest for optimal peak performance and body composition.


He is here to share his knowledge and those of others in his interactive interviews with nutrition and fitness experts from all around the world. Each episode (whether is in English or Spanish) is summarized and translated to the opposite language.

Ep. 4 – Tony Stephan | Counting macros to see results and the science of refeeds

Bienvenidos a Vive Nutrition Radio

  Bienvenidos al primer episodio de Vive Nutrition Radio! Esta es una pequeña introducción al podcast y todo el conocimiento que estaré compartiendo con todos ustedes a lo largo de esta jornada. Mi meta es brindarte las herramientas y las estrategias necesarias...

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Ep. 4 – Tony Stephan | Counting macros to see results and the science of refeeds

Welcome to Vive Nutrition Radio

  Welcome to Vive Nutrition Radio’s first episode! A brief introduction to the podcast and all the knowledge we will be sharing in this podcast. The goal is to bring you tools and strategies to help you take your nutrition to the next level and achieve your most...

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