In today’s podcast, we are bringing an old time guest Lacey Dunn to the show to discuss everything related to hormones. We are super excited to have her back to discuss thyroid hormones specifically and share her wealth of knowledge with us ⁣

Lacey is a Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Coach, Bikini Competitor and fellow Podcaster who has been on our podcast in episode #15 sharing her insights as a bikini competitor. This time we are nerding out a bit more on hormones, specifically thyroid. ⁣

Here are the cliff notes ⁣

– Differences between Hypothyroidism, Hashimotos and cellular hypothyroidism ⁣
– Underactive Thyroid and what that means ⁣
– What does the thyroid really do? ⁣
– How to manage nutrition with people with an underactive Thyroid⁣
– Are people with hypothyroidism doomed when it comes down to weight loss? ⁣
– Keto and hypothyroidism ⁣
– Stress and Thyroid and how are they connected⁣
– Evaluating and interpreting thyroid lab values ⁣
– What is DUTCH test? ⁣
– The importance of rest and Lacey’s own management of her hypothyroidism⁣

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