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Welcome back to Vive Nutrition Radio. In today’s episode we dissected a new diet making headlines thanks to famous Adele and her weight loss transformation which she may have attributed to this type of eating. ⁣
In this chat chat, registered dietitians Tony, Dezi, and Andres explained the research behind sirtuin and the rationale (or lack of) this diet. Here are the cliff notes:⁣
☑️ What is the SIRTfood Diet? ⁣
☑️ What are the phases and how does it work?⁣
☑️ Sirtuin proteins and what do they do⁣
☑️ The importance of relevant research behind diets ⁣
☑️ What a recent meta analysis that looked at 14 different diets found in 6 and 12 months⁣
☑️ What do all diets have in common and why are they effective? ⁣

☑️ And more…⁣

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