Dear listener! ⁣
Super excited for my guest today who is well-known in the eating world for completing the most restaurant food challenges to date. He’s a famous YouTuber and future Registered Dietitian making him a one of a kind (he’s also a guy which there is not that many of us in this field) ⁣
In today’s podcast: ⁣
✔️How did you get into these food eating challenges? ⁣
✔️What are some of the misconceptions that exist in this world? ⁣
✔️The moment you decided to study to become a Registered Dietitian⁣
✔️What do your teachers and professors think about your lifestyle ⁣
✔️Randy’s  health nowadays? ⁣
✔️His recent lab work comparison⁣
✔️Randy’s exercise routine? ⁣
✔️Are there any drawbacks from doing this? ⁣
✔️Is he stopping anytime soon? ⁣
✔️Criticism about what he does and how he responds to it⁣
✔️His plans after he finishes his RD⁣
✔️His 12-Week sexification weight loss⁣

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How Randy trains after a food challenge?

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