In today’s episode I decided to continue on a rant I started on Instagram in regards to a new bill that was signed into law in the state of Florida by Governor De Santis that directly impacts registered dietitians. ⁣

Last week (June 30th, 2020), CrossFit HQ published an article on their website recognizing a “victory” in the state of Florida as now “CrossFit Trainers” will be able to provide nutrition advice. I would consider this far from a victory, but a major liability and I wanted to dive deep into this topic in today’s episode⁣

What I covered today ⁣

☑️ My Academic background⁣

☑️ What would happen if this law would apply to other health professionals like chiropractors and physical therapists⁣

☑️ Why did CrossFit take this law to heart?⁣

☑️ My views on nutritionists and non-RD practitioners who are providing personalized nutrition support⁣

☑️ Popular Opinion on RDs and why not all RDs are great coaches, just like not all great coaches are RDs ⁣

☑️ How to become an informed consumer and learn to choose smartly who you work with? ⁣

Here are some resources cited in the podcast ⁣⁣

Perception Is Reality⁣


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