Dear Listener! ⁣

Welcome back to another CHIT CHAT series, this time sharing the insights from Tony, Dezi, Nate, and I on what we think the best pre/during/post-workout nutrition strategies are⁣

In today’s conversation we covered: ⁣

– What makes up a good nutrition snack before a workout? ⁣
– What type of carbohydrate is most effective before training? ⁣
– How to choose a pre-workout snack depending on the type of training you will be doing ⁣
– How much protein should you have post-training and how soon? ⁣
– Do you need carbs during your workouts? ⁣
– What to do if you can’t eat before exercising? ⁣
– Is it ok to workout fasted? ⁣
– Pre-workout supplements and their efficacy⁣
– What should we look for in pre-workout supplements⁣
– What is carbohydrate backloading⁣
– And more!! ⁣

This one is filled with tips and strategies so listen closely and make sure you have your notepad ready! ⁣

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