Joe is widely respected for his dedication and loyalty assuring the success of his clients and their athletes.⁣
In today’s conversation we covered: ⁣
– What Joe does⁣
– How did he get into the supplement industry? ⁣
– The inside scoop on the supplement industry and changing trends with COVID-19⁣
– Manufacturing practices – What is the process of getting a supplement out of the market⁣
– How can consumers identify a “good” vs. a “bad” supplements⁣
– Third-Party Testing and what is it? ⁣
– What is the process of obtaining one of those certifications? ⁣
– Can we trust a supplement that does not have these seals? ⁣
– Klean athlete and their supplement lines ⁣
– How does a supplement company come up with new products and formulations? ⁣
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