John lost over 180 lbs after high school and in today’s episode, he came on Vive Nutrition to share his story.⁣ ⁣

Also known in the social media world as “Obese to Beast” John became famous with one viral video that landed him on Ellen Degeneres back in 2014. We were lucky enough to bring him to the podcast to really dive deeper into his journey and what it was like. ⁣

In today’s episode, we talked about⁣

– How it all started ⁣
– The pivoting point where he decided to change ⁣
– The wrong things he did that taught him important lessons ⁣
– Binge eating and how he overcame that⁣
– Insecurities that came with his weight loss – Loose Skin⁣
– How John eats nowadays! ⁣

This was a very inspiring episode! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it! ⁣

To connect with John, make sure you subscribe to either his YOUTUBE CHANNEL or listen to his Podcast Work for Change hosted with his brother Jean Glaude. If you want to see his day-to-day, find him on here @obese_to_beast ⁣