In this episode of VNR I shared some awesome insights of a recent Dairy Farm tour that the people from Florida Milk took us on. We had the privilege to visit Milkin R a family-owned and operated dairy farm in south Florida. 

I have never been to a dairy farm in my life but it was a very great experience to see first hand a dairy operation and also get to ask questions in such a controversial topic nowadays. 

Here is what I covered in this episode: 

  • Typical misconceptions in the dairy industry
  • The use of Antibiotics and rBST
  • How cows are taken care of in this farm
  • The milking process
  • How documentaries put things out of context in the dairy world

Thanks to the RUCKS Family for opening their doors to give us some real insights into the operations of their dairy farm and being transparent with their practices. 

Got milk? 

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