Welcome back to Episode #67 on Vive Nutrition Radio 

Today’s conversation is all about sleep. I have been reading a book called Why We Sleep by Dr. Matthew Walker and I have been just literally frightened by how sleep deprivation affects us in many ways.

I will make it my year’s mission to bring Dr. Walker into the podcast, but for now, you will hear me share some really interesting studies and research behind the impact sleep deprivation can have on fat loss. 

This is a recording of a conversation I had with some of my clients in a group accountability call we had last week and the feedback was just awesome. 

Here is what we covered: 

  • The cycles of sleep and what’s the function of each
  • What is considered sleep deprivation 
  • What happens to our hunger levels when we don’t sleep enough 
  • Endocannabinoid system and lack of sleep. 
  • Why we crave more foods and have a lack of control when we don’t sleep as much
  • How sleep affects your body composition during weight loss 
  • Questions and answers

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