How to optimize and streamline your meal prepping process. Quick and dirty tips in the kitchen with Gb Hernandez

Welcome back friend! Vive Nutrition Radio is back this week with the one and only Gb Hernadez. Gb is not only an integral part of Vive Nutrition’s social media iniatives but also Andres’ fiance. She’s a kitchen ninja and amazing recipe developer and food photographer who comes with a lot to say that I promise you will find extremely helpful

In today’s episode we discussed Meal Prepping, Brands Products and how she uses them, and she shared some quick and dirty tips on how to automate how you make food in the kitchen. 

We went over important gadgets in the kitchen to have from super cheap to super expensive to even sharing some of her favorite condiments to cook

Gb’s Kitchen gadgets she mentioned 


** Ninja Foodie Air Fryer Oven

** Vitamin Blender

** Vegetable Spiralizer

** A good set of knives

** Cutting Boards 

** Pots and Pans (a good set) 

** A rice cooker

This episode is super practical and we hope you enjoy it as much as we loved recording it. 

To connect with Gb and see some of her amazing recipes, make sure you visit her blog and also find her on the gram @gb_hernandez