All you need to know about CBD with Registered Dietitian Erin Kenney

All you need to know about CBD with Registered Dietitian @nutritionrewired

It’s always super awesome when I get to ask questions about a topic that is unknown to me and this was a great example of that. We talked about CBD, Marihuana and everything in between!
My guest today Erin Kenney is not only a Registered Dietitian but also a Hollistic Cannabis Practitioner and goes around the country teaching about this same topic. She has been featured on podcasts and radio shows focused on gut health, CBD, and overall wellness.
What we covered today – What is CBD?
– What is THC? – The difference that exists between hemp and marijuana
– The Cannabinoid system
– Benefits of CBD and how can it be incorporated into our lifestyles
– What do people know about the laws on CBD
– How much CBD should I take for benefits? – Does CBD interact with other medications? – What is the best way to obtain CBD-Rich Cannabis Oil
– Can you really get CBD from things like beverages and edibles

I hope you enjoy this episode!