Happy New Year 2020 my friend!

We are starting off the year with a bang discussed some of the Top Nutrition Myths of 2020 that are piling up from the past few years. In this episode, I sat down with my friends and colleagues Toni Marinucci, Antonio Castillo, and later in the episode Dezi Abeyta to discuss their thoughts on some of the most common myths and their truths

We discussed 

  • The Fear of Carbs 
  • Organic vs. conventional
  • Fasted Cardio 
  • Meal Timing 
  • Fasting
  • Red meat consumption, and more! 

Here is how you can connect to these awesome RDS

Toni Marinucci – https://www.instagram.com/tips_with_toni/?hl=en

She’s about to do a TED talk in February. Stay tuned for this

Antonio Castillo – https://www.instagram.com/coach_tonycastillo/?hl=en

Creator of Captain Hydrate and an avid educator of hydration. He’s also known as Yesik in our recent Vive Nutrition Video Series 

Dezi Abeyta – https://www.instagram.com/fitdadscoach/?hl=en

Helping Dads increase confidence and creating a huge movement among men and their health.