So I get this question pretty much once every week and I figured it was best to answer this via a podcast episode. Now, bear in mind the answers to these questions will vary greatly by who you would ask. The Intermittent Fasters will tell you one thing, while the Keto/Carnivore fanatic will tell you another. ⁣

I will give you my “Flexible eating” perspective below and I broke this episode down considering⁣

– Identifying your goals⁣

– From the food perspective⁣ ⁣
– From the supplements perspective⁣

– Pre-workout ideas⁣

– Post workouts ideas⁣

– When should you include intra-workout carbs ⁣

– Are carb supplements helpful? ⁣

– Can you do fasted workouts? Are they effective for fat loss? ⁣

Hope you enjoy this episode! ⁣