Hello from Phuket, Thailand. We have been spending a few weeks working remotely and traveling through Asia (mainly Thailand and Bali in Indonesia) and it’s been such an awesome experience. 


I have been reflecting a lot on nutrition and some interesting things I have learned and pondered on the past few days and I figured I’d record a podcast to share these thoughts. So in today’s episode remix, I cover anything from Thanksgiving weight gain to how elephants eat 300 lbs of food EVERY day so it should be an interesting one. Hope you enjoy it


Here is the outline


  • What happens when you eat a high calorie meal? From the research standpoint 
    • 6 things that happen to weight and weight fluctuations
    • Statistics about weight gain over the holidays
    • Setting goals for 2020
  • Things that I have learned about Thailand and their nutrition (and similarly to other asian countries) 
    • Moderate to low protein diets 
    • Very high in carbohydrates and oil 
    • Thais maintain their weight but they all appear not to have much muscle tone
  • Things you can consider when traveling more than a week overseas to maintain your gains
    • Protein timing and getting enough protein 
    • Hydration and Electrolyte Balance 
    • Snacking
    • Movement


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