How @syattfitness lost weight eating a Big Mac every day for 30 days⁣

My guest today is a social media influencer and online fitness coach @syattfitness . We had the amazing opportunity to chat about his life journey and how we went from wrestling to powerlifting, and now teaching literally thousands if not millions the truths behind sustainable weight loss⁣

In this episode of Vive Nutrition Radio ⁣

● Living and Israel and getting called to become GaryVee’s personal trainer ⁣

● Important lessons Jordan learned working with Gary⁣
⁣ ● Understanding what it takes to grow in social media and what people DO⁣
NOT see ⁣

● The Big Mac Challenge and the positive impact it has created in thousands⁣
⁣ ● Understanding weight fluctuations and his experience with clients ⁣

● Why you sometimes do not understand WHY you are not making progress and what can you do about it. ⁣

● What he wished he knew as a young trainer and nutrition coach ●⁣

The Swoosh effect ⁣

● And more⁣

This episode was recorded before Jordan finished his challenge but here is an update about it: He lost about 7 lbs of weight in 30 days eating 1 BIG MAC every single day⁣

He recorded an entire documentary that is now available on YOUTUBE so I will let you watch that, but the short of it is simple⁣

When you create a consistent nutrition pattern in your life, food does not become inherently “bad” to support weight and fat loss, but it’s about looking at the bigger picture and your overall lifestyle what matters the most⁣
Jordan DOES NOT support you eating a BIG MAC every day (nor do I) but his challenge opened the eyes to thousands on how sometimes simple concepts get all twisted in social media and nutrition becomes so confusing that the average person does not understand what to do or follow anymore⁣