Livi Ron is a meat scientist and fellow registered dietitian out of Chicago who educates on the realities and truths behind meats and farming practices and some misconceptions that exist around this. 


In this awesome episode, we discussed

  • Her interest in meat and her background in the meat industry 
  • Use of antibiotics in poultry and regulations from the FDA 
  • Grass-fed vs. Grass-Finished differences
  • Super big chickens and the secret behind their size
  • Nitrates and Nitrites – Should you stay away from these? 


Livi Ron MS, RD, PhD candidate,  is a meat and nutrition expert with several peer-reviewed publications in meat science. Her research looks into the different production systems of beef cattle including grass-fed, natural, and conventional systems. Livi has spent the last 10 years learning about the science behind meat and animal science. Livi was an Instructor at Texas Tech University where she taught Meat Science for 4 semesters. Livi now works full time as a Senior Meat Scientist in a technical research and sales role.


Additionally, she owns her nutrition company Revival Wellness & Nutrition which can be found at and on Instagram as LiviRon_RD. 


Her most recent research can also be found here:


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