In today’s episode, I had the opportunity to interview fellow registered dietitian Nicole Rodriguez. ⁣

Nicole is a  Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, NASM-CPT, disco-funk connoisseur, and tricolor-cookie aficionado. She is a proud wife and mother of one. ⁣👩🏻‍💻

In today’s episode we discussed: ⁣

– Misconceptions on Grass-Fed Beef and Grass-Finished ⁣

– Meat Sourcing in the U.S and the Beef Life Cycle ⁣

– The Red Meat Industry carbon footprint ⁣

– The nutritional benefits of beef consumption⁣

– What is the recommended portion allowance of beef per week according to dietary guidelines in the U.S. vs. the reality of what most people consume. ⁣

– How to choose red meat? ⁣

Hope you like this episode!⁣ 💪🏼