“If FAD and Diet Culture didn’t exist intuitive eating would just be called eating” ⁣

This and more wisdom came out of the mouth of my guest Claire Chewning, and amazing Registered Dietitian who teaches women to develop and foster a healthy relationship with food. Did I also mention she’s the queen of Food puns? ⁣

In our episode today we cover:⁣ ??

-Her background as an RD and her love for PB&Js ⁣

-What is Intuitive Eating?⁣

-The problem with the DIET Mentality and how fix it⁣

-Stages and Principles of an Intuitive Eating Journey⁣

-HAES – Health at Every Size and Claire’s take on this⁣

-How the scale and weight loss is never the end goals with Claire’s client and how to overcome the fear of “gaining weight” when not controlling and tracking food⁣

-Super Secret Food Puns ⁣

AND MORE you will have to listen to find out…

If you are looking to develop a better relationship with food, I could not think of a better person to coach you through the process. ⁣??‍??