This episode was bananas! JD Muraida is a classically trained chef ??‍? During his time at Le Cordon Bleu, he was recruited to work at Walt Disney World upon finishing his degree. Working with local produce in the kitchen and having knowledge of nutrition, this ignited a fire within JD to educate cooks and chefs about the nutritional value of the food being made. In 2017, JD returned to finish his degree in Nutrition & Dietetics where he has been working to curate a consulting firm to bring more dietitians into the culinary field. While working on his degree, JD works as a private chef with his company – Nutrinary. ⁣

We talked a lot about his journey in the culinary field and how it brought him back to dietetics. We also had 3 tactical tips for you to implement for your home cooking whether you are new to the kitchen or make Gordon Ramsey look like a novice. The tips were:⁣

– Just rub the stick⁣

– Add frozen veggies⁣

– Seasoning combos⁣

Hope you like this episode!⁣ ??