When the wine flows instead of the celery juice ⠀

This episode is one of a kind. It is not very often we get to round up 8 amazing RDs and Nutrition Coaches at happy hour and record an epic podcast. ⠀

I serve you this here today on a silver platter. ⠀

Welcome to the first of many NUTRITION EXPERT ROUNDTABLE where we cover the current state of affairs in nutrition. Knowledge bombs were dropped and wisdom shared. ⠀

This is a podcast where different perspectives on nutrition were shared for the greater good. This is an enlightening episode with some ugly truths that you will need to hear⠀

In today’s podcast, you will hear voices from the following RDs and Nutrition Coaches ⠀

Ben Tzeel (@manoftzeel)⠀
RD and Diabetes Expert helping people control their blood sugars ⠀

Antonio Castillo (@coach_tonycastillo)⠀
Sports RD and coined the phrase “Hydrate or Diedrate”⠀

Jenn Kennedy (@jennkennedynutrition)⠀
Badass Nutrition Coach out of Michigan⠀

Toni Marinucci (@tips_with_toni)⠀
Bosswoman and RD helping a ton of people change their lives⠀

Jenna Werner (@happyslimhealthy)⠀
Behavior-based RD, owner, and founder of Happy Slim Health, who teaches you to create nutrition lifestyles that can last ⠀

Alix Turoff (@alixturoff_rd) ⠀
Macro-based RD who used flexible eating to give her clients amazing results⠀

Dezi Abeyta (@fitdadscoach)⠀
The perennial RD who teaches dads and parents how to live healthy lifestyles and foster good habits in the home⠀

Hope you enjoy this amazing and a bit long roundtable! ⠀

⚠️ Warning – A few bottles of wine were shared in the recording of this podcast⠀