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Coach, Nutrition Expert, Speaker

Andres is the true representation of a driven expert fueled with a passion to help others transform their bodies and their lives.  He founded Vive Nutrition as a movement, and a community to help people optimize life performance and see the best version of themselves.

He has spent the last 10 years studying and learning nutrition and the art of connecting education with application. He believes nutrition extends beyond what you eat, but the environment you are surrounded by. He coaches people to create a journey of self-awareness and self-discovery to achieve their most desired goals.

What is Vive Nutrition?


Vive Nutrition is an educational and online coaching platform created for people like you in need of nutrition guidance to maximize your potential, look great, and be healthy. My goal is to empower you to lead a better life and perform at your best in sports, work, and school. I am here to give you all the tools and strategies to help you.


Being someone who though may have not struggled with weight, I did battle with body image challenges. I realized that your body is a representation of what’s inside of you, so I decided not only to transform myself from the inside out, but also become a vehicle of change for many.


Vive Nutrition was born as a way to develop a transformative journey to accomplish your goals. This is a place where you can understand how to fuel your body for change, learn the secrets behind muscle growth, and fat loss, and most importantly deciphering the formula for long term results. Are you ready to be part of something big?


Let me give you a taste of this. We have an amazing Facebook Community of people who, just like you, found themselves reading this out of desperation for an answer to their health and nutrition problems. I want to invite you to be a part of that community and start finding answers.

My story

I grew up in Venezuela in a small beach town on the east coast.


Growing up I was not the most robust guy, in fact, we had to line up in high school every morning before going to our classrooms and I was one of the first ones since I wasn’t too tall. So yeah short and small. Fast forward a few years and it was time for college. Originally, I wanted to go to Medical School hoping to help athletes get back on their feet after injuries, but when my dreams were crushed nutrition seemed like a viable option while I figured things out. I never looked back.


My passion for nutrition and how to change my body in various ways for better health, a better physique, and overall better wellbeing grew incredibly fast. I never looked back. For the past 10 years, I have dedicated my life to understand the best methods to get the best out of my body, physically and mentally. Being a skinny guy most of my life, I wanted to grow muscle, I wanted to feel amazing and being able to perform my best in everything I did. This, along with my interest in sports, started a journey to help athletes.


Today, I can say I have been fortunate enough to have helped hundreds of people, including some of the most elite level athletes in the world, from NFL drafts to MLB veterans improve their nutrition. I cracked the code on nutrition, muscle growth, and fat loss, and now I help athletes and people like you get in the best shape physically and mentally.

I know how hard it was for me to feel comfortable in my own body but I did something about it. I want to help you do the same if you let me.

Whether you are an athlete trying to be best in your sport or a someone just thirsty for change let’s get started in the pursuit of that massive transformation.

Boost your performance by 30%

Transform your body in only 3 months

Be 5x more energized and feeling good

Find the right strategy to help you grown and build mass

Academic Background

Andres holds a bachelor’s degree is nutrition and dietetics from the University of Southern Indiana where he graduated with honors. He completed several internship rotations in the prestigious Texas Medical Center in hospitals like Ben Taub, Texas Children’s Hospital, and Memorial Hermann. It wasn’t until he started working with football athletes at the University of Houston where he became more passionate about helping athletes maximize their gains and performance.


He had the opportunity to be a part of world-class IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL, where he had worked with hundreds of youth, collegiate, and professional athletes.


Andres was also the Director of Nutrition for the Applied Science and Performance Institute (ASPI) in Tampa, FL where he oversaw all nutrition operations for pro-athlete programs, and also online coaching platforms for well-known fitness celebrities.


Andres also completed his master’s degree in Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition from the University of Central Florida and holds certifications from NSCA as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS) and from CDR as a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD)


Andres has spoken in front of hundreds discussing controversial topics such as Ketogenic Diets and Intermittent Fasting, and he travels all around the country educating crowds on evidence-based nutrition and the application of concepts to daily living.


Andres is licensed Registered Dietitian in the state of Florida and his coaching programs are provided worldwide.

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