Meet Andres

Registered Sports Dietitian
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Founder of Vive Nutrition

What is Vive Nutrition?


Vive Nutrition is an educational platform I created that empowers athletes to lead better lives and perform at their best in sports, work, and school. My goal is you give you all the tools to help you maximize your potential, look great, and be healthy.

Vive Nutrition was born as an effort to change the way we see nutrition, it was created to provided evidence-based information to athletes to make informed decisions about their food choices with the ultimate goal of improving your body composition, your performance, and overall well being.

Who am I?


I am a sports registered dietitian and expert in muscle growth for skinny guys like you. I am a humble professional trying to impart knowledge and help you get in the best shape ever. Growing up I struggled with being too thin, and I remember it was hard for me to put on muscle mass. I was an athlete, playing all major sports, but that part always bugged me. Fast forward a few years later and started pursuing nutrition as a career with the main goals to help athletes improve their body and their performance. Today, I can say I have been fortunate enough to have helped hundreds of people, including some of the most elite level athletes in the world, from NFL drafts, to MLB veterans improve their nutrition. I want to help you do the same if you let me. Here are some ways I can help you:

Boost your performance by 30%

Transform your body in only 3 months

Be 5x more energized and feeling good

Find the right strategy to help you grown and build mass





What you will find here


I created this platform to help you find the right balance in your nutrition and training. In order to do this people learn in different ways so in here you will find various methods for learning the steps to take to accomplish your goals. Use this site as a resource with courses, articles, guides, e-books, and more amazing content to take your nutrition to the next level. In addition I have opened up limited spots available to work with me in my VIP coaching programs where we get to dial in your goals by creating solid strategies and walk you through the process every day, every week and every month.

Professional Background

I currently hold a bachelor’s degree is nutrition and dietetics from the University of Southern Indiana where I graduated with honors. After this I completed several internship rotations in the prestigious Texas Medical Center in hospitals like Ben Taub, Texas Children’s Hospital, and Memorial Hermann. It wasn’t until I started working with football athletes at the University of Houston where I became more passionate about helping athletes maximize their gains and performance.

I was a nutrition coach for world-class IMG Academy where I had the opportunity to work with hundreds of youth, collegiate, and professional athletes.

I wear many hats and currently serve as the Director of Nutrition for the Applied Science and Performance Institute (ASPI) in Tampa, FL where I oversees all nutrition operations for pro-athlete programs, and also online coaching platforms for well-known fitness celebrities.

I received my Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition from the University of Central Florida. I am also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS), Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD), and I am licensed in the state of Florida as a practicing licensed RD.